Latest Twitter Activity (10-02-2009)

October 2, 2009 at 1:55 pm (Twitter) ()

# I love how WordPress just Ignores Code. #BeingSarcastic

# Getting A+ in English. Going to a Prep School $24,000. Getting a College Education $120,000. Having Twitter reduce u to 140 Characters…

# Blogger: Simplicity +Features. WordPress: Professional. Yet they both miss certain elements.

# I can never remember Passwords. Please, Dear God, Eliminate Passwords and Log-ins.

# Having a Steak Dinner tonight, then seeing Michael Moore’s “Capitalism: A Love Story.” Hope it doesn’t Suck!

# I figured I would group you in my Hellos today. Instead of 25 Individual Tweets.

# Howdy @shelbilavender @CERULEAN01 @JET739 Have a Good Day.

# Hello to @trice1706 @mckra1g @therealTiffany @Lilly_Nice @mmarvin1123 @ryandowning @phatduckk @niclone @sibilapollmann @MarcusDeSouza

# ShoutOuts to @misssabado @Jalapeno @reland1 @Gliffik @starrshinerhttp @PavlovsStepson @mysiraylon @matriax @lickasha @Leilani @kickshaw

# 2 Browsers open. 14 Tabs. And I haven’t had Breakfast yet. Typical day.


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