BLOG POST: Amazon Cloud Music Service, Apple’s LaLa, AudioGalaxy, and more

March 29, 2011 at 8:49 am (Uncategorized)

AMAZON now has a service which lets you upload Music from your Computer to their Servers. You get 5GB for Free. If you want 20GB, it will cost you $20/year. Then, you stream the Cloud-Hosted Music to your Device via an Android App.

AUDIOGALAXY is an iPhone App that also Streams Your Music.

LASTFM and PANDORA both stream virtually any song ever made to your Computer or device (such as an iPhone). They are both customizable to your Music Taste.

LALA was an Online Music Service that got acquired by Apple. We think they may be using the technology to launch iTunes in the Cloud. There would be an update to iTunes which would allow you to upload your entire Music/Video Library, and then Play it on Any iOS Device. That way, you would have access to your music–and be able to buy additional music anywhere you go. Look for Apple to Lead in this category–as they are always the company that sets the standard on innovative technologies in the computing world.

There’s also a ton of Also-Rans and Not-Ready-For-Prime-Time apps and services which allow users to play music without having to buy it; but this is completely legal. And don’t forget YOUTUBE Playlists and the ability to search for just about any song ever made (as a video).

Check out and see some Music I like.
I have an ongoing Playlist at http://Blip.Fm/PaulFrankRizzo
and my Music Taste is Charted at http://Last.Fm/user/PaulFrankRizzo


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