@a4agarwal @GaryTan @richiepear @Posterous needs DesktopClient like TweetDeck. Anything u send gets copied 2 ur Posterous. Archive ur Tweets!

August 31, 2011 at 9:14 pm (Uncategorized)

Because they only compelling way to see my Twitter Stream in Real Time is to use a Twitter Client. But then my @ replies and Tweets ONLY go to Twitter. Since Twitter is refusing to allow a Sidebar of Chronologically Dated Archives (ala Blogger), I use Posterous to make sure my Tweets last a little longer and are easier to find, months down the road.

So, I’m basically asking for a Posterous Desktop Client that reads my Twitter Strea of who I’m following, b/c I authorized it to do so. Then, if there is an interesting Tweet I’d like to @ reply to, when i click Send, it goes to both Twitter and my Posterous Blog. All nice and Archived for Posterity.

Love Ya,
PS–Any questions, you can comment my Posterous Blog and I can further elaborate my vision.
Thanks for Listening.

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