@agarwal Ever since @Posterous sold to @Twitter Posterous has gone downhill.

July 13, 2012 at 9:23 am (Twitter)

Emailed Posts take about an hour to show up–if they ever do. Then, we go directly to the site to Post, and a few minutes later, the email we sent an hour ago shows up. Now it looks like we’ve double-posted.

Also, don’t try to email a post from an iPhone. Now that Twitter owns Posterous, you won’t get an immediate response, but about an hour later you will get an email asking you to confirm your post. You won’t see that email until the next day, because you don’t hear it come in, and you have moved-on to do other things by then.

And, even if you “confirm your post,” once, you still have to do that just about every other time you email a new post–from the same device that was just confirmed on the previous post.

Like I said, ever since the buyout, the Blogging Service Posterous has gone downhill. (It used to be great. Used to be.)


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