I make really good Salads (read more)

July 28, 2012 at 11:59 am (Uncategorized)

Today, I made a Salad that has Croutons, Onions, Tomatoes, and Egg, on top of Iceberg. Yeah, I normally don’t do Iceberg, but I got one of those “Salad-in-a-Bag” at the Grocery Store. I put the toppings mentioned on the Salad. Straight Red-Wine Vinegar–No Oil. 8 TableSpoons.

I also make a great Tomato Salad. And I have been, since I was a Kid.

It makes me wonder about the Shitty Salads you get in Restaurants! So small, so wilted, so cheap, so shitty. It’s NOT hard to make a good fucking salad. Seriously, just buy the Bag Salad ($3) and pour the entire bag in a large bowl. Value, MotherFucker!

The only good restaurant salads, that I could recommend, are from the CheeseCake Factory. However, those morons can’t figure out how to seat people in a timely manner. Fuck waiting in line when you are with a group of people, and hungry.

Occasionally, a locally-owned Diner might have a good, large salad (if you pay $9-$15 for it). But there is always something missing from them–or they use a few wrong ingredients, or totally wrong dressing. Not to mention the hit-or-miss Waitress Experience. Most of them are lousy, attitdue-prone, minimum wage robots reading scripts. #FuckEm

Make your Salad at home. It’s cheap, fun, and you can add whatever the fuck you want to it. And you can also control the “dressing. Forget all that Sweet, Shitty-Tasting, High Fat, High Cream Junk you are forced to use at Restaurants.

And by the way, when the fuck did they start putting Salad Dressing on HamBurgers at Red Robin Restaurants? Fuck That! Who wants piss running down their hand and arm while trying to eat a $15 HamBurger? No Thanks.

Come to think of it, I hate eating at Restaurants–the whole experience; from the Shitty way they “Greet” you, to taking my Drink Order and then Hiding for 15 Minutes. WTF?

Grocery Stores, you just got a New Best Friend. #BFF


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  1. harmony60 said,

    Paul: I feel the same way – Have a Great Weekend – Ty Xo 🙂

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