Foods we’ll serve at my funeral: a list

August 25, 2012 at 11:45 am (Uncategorized)

1. Soft Pretzels and Yellow Mustard

2. RockStar Energy Drink

3. Beef Jerky

4. Steak Sandwiches: Hell Yeah, but No Cheese!

5. Rib-Eye Steak

6. Iced Tea

7. Bul Go Gi (Korean BBQ)

8. Kalbi Beef (Korean BBQ)

9. Slurpies (All Flavors, Except Blueberry)

10. Orange Juice

11. Lemon Juice

12. Vinegar

13. Cesar Salad with Croutons: Oil & Vinegar Dressing

I might need to hit a grocery store today. But, yeah, these are some of my favorite foods. List yours in the comments.


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  1. harmony60 said,

    Paul: My List:
    1. BBQ Pork Ribs
    2. Taco Salad
    3. BBQ Baked Beans
    4. Cole Slaw
    5. Iced Tea w/ Lemon
    6. Chocolate Milk
    7. Cheese Cake ( Blueberry or Chocolate )
    8. Ice Cream with Hot Fudge ( No Whipped Cream Please )
    9. Mexican Food ( Any Kind )
    10. Fruit of any kind
    Sounds good to me – Ty Xo 🙂

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